TeachEnvo Documentation

Tools Used

Online Quizes Platform

  • Students can register for the platform by entering the registration code given by their teacher and requesting to join. After the student's request is made, the teacher will need to approve it before the student can access the quizzes. Upon approval, the teacher will assign the student to a specific group.

  • Teachers using this platform have the ability to create quizzes and assign them to specific groups of students. These quizzes can consist of various question models, and teachers even have the option to shuffle the questions randomly. Additionally, teachers have control over enabling or disabling quizzes, and can determine whether students can view their results immediately or only after the teacher reactivates the quiz. With these features, teachers can efficiently assess their students' understanding and progress, ensuring effective and personalized learning experiences.

  • Teachers using this platform have the capability to manage groups of students effectively. They can assign students to different groups, making it easier to organize and distribute tasks or assignments accordingly. Furthermore, teachers can create quizzes tailored to specific groups, ensuring that the material is relevant and appropriate for each student. The platform also provides the option for teachers to enable or disable quizzes, giving them control over when these assessments are available to the students. Additionally, teachers have the flexibility to choose whether students can immediately see their quiz results or if they should wait until the teacher reactivates the quiz. This comprehensive group management feature enhances the overall teaching experience and promotes efficient learning for students.


Teacher Account

Username : TeacherDemo

Password : TeacherDemoPassword

Student Account

Username : StudentDemo

Password : StudentDemoPassword